Rowing commands


Command (dansk)


Command (english)
Det er vel (roet) Rowers stop what they are doing and sit with arms and legs stretched and oar blade out of the water and horizontal 'Way enough' or 'Easy Oars'
Til roning klar Rowers are ready for rowing – arms stretched, legs bent, oar blade squared out of the water Ready to row
Ro væk Rowing begins 'Row' or 'Go'
Til skodning klar Rowers are ready for backing – arms bent, legs stretched, oar blade squared out of the water, blades reversed on the square 'Ready to back' or 'Back it down'
Skod væk Rowing in reverse 'Back' or 'Go'
Sæt i Oar blade 5-10 cm under water in order to diminish speed Check (it down)
Sæt hårdt i Oar blade under water – blade vertical with the hollow side pointing in the direction the boat moves Hold water
Åren på vandet The oar blade feathered position and placed on the water. Arms and legs stretched 'Blades down' or 'Drop'
Åren tværs The oar is pulled in across the boat until the collar touches the opposite gunwale Blades/Oars in
Åren langs By bending backwards the rower pulls the oar shaft over his/her body thus placing the oar blade and oar shaft alongside the boat Go into layback position
Åren ud The oar is pulled/swung out and the rowers are in 'Way enough' position Oars out
Småt roning (styrbord, bagbord eller begge) Rowers are rowing with the same pace and the same rhythm as ordinary rowing, but with less pull during the drive – either starboard or port or both (Port/Starboard) light pressure
Lige træk Normal pressure both port and starboard Normal Pressure

Bagbord/styrbor d til skodning klar.

Skod/ro væk

Port/starboard are backing their oars while starboard/port are rowing in the reverse stroke – basically a river turn Ports to back/row starboard or row/back
Kvart åren The oar is pulled in to the extent that the rowers have on hand on each side of the leather covering around the button. This can be done while rowing Pull in your oar halfway and continue rowing
Se til åren While continuing to row the rowers are watching the oar to avoid collision wit buoys etc. To the extend necessary the rowers pull the oar in, place it alongside the boat or continue to row with the oar pulled in 'Heads up' or 'Watch your blades'
Klar til at rejse åren The rowers loosen the lock on the swivel and pull the oar in until the leather/plastic covering the loom is free of the swivel Ready to lift the oars
Rejs åren The rowers lift the oar out of the swivel and place it with the blade in the air and the oar shaft resting on the plates in the bottom of the boat as close to the keel as possible. The oar blades should point transversely to the keel Lift the oars
Lad falde The oar is lowered and placed on the gunnel, just aft of the swivel. Immediately afterwards it is lifted into the swivel and the gate is closed Lower the oars